Deep Pigmentation Treatment

It is the desire of every woman to have a flawless skin and spotless skin complexion. However, several circumstances and factors in life like free radicals, exposure to sun & pollution, hormonal changes, lifestyle & eating habits, and so more contribute to patchy deep pigmentation as well as dark spots. These might make you look dull and older.

Pigmentation is the presence of dark pigments (hyperpigmentation) or lighter pigments (hypopigmentation) over the skin. This can be an observed concern. Though not a life-threatening situation, the presence of dark spots & patches could lead to stressful conditions likes low self-confidence and embarrassment. If you wish to get rid of the stubborn skin patches and darks spots, then Neo Fatbury is here at your help! At Neo Fatbury Skin Treatment Clinic, we have the best on-board team of skin experts and dermatologists who are adept at handling such skin conditions with the use of the most effective and advanced skin treatments. To treat your patchy and pigmented skin, we have devised the safest and highly effective deep pigmentation treatment to serve you well. Our skin experts are highly qualified and experienced to offer the world-class deep pigmentation treatment at competitive prices. Contact us today!

How does Deep Pigmentation Treatment Work?

Our skin experts and dermatologists at Neo Fatbury will help in the evaluation of the extent of pigmentation through visual examination. On the basis of their detailed analysis, they carry out the clinical deep pigmentation treatment to minimize the effects of pigmentation on the skin. Our advanced deep pigmentation treatment focuses on the elimination of the excess deposits of melanin which is a brown pigment that imparts the skin its natural color. The state of the art laser treatment at our clinic is the most effective procedure for treating any type of skin pigmentation. Along with advanced deep pigmentation treatment and the laser treatment for skin, Neo Fatbury also offers a deep skin exfoliation to promote skin healing and regeneration of the natural beauty.

The deep pigmentation treatment offered by Neo Fatbury is a quick, gentle, and non-invasive treatment. The specialized laser treatment for reducing pigmentation is targeted only at the affected cells and skin areas.The highly safe laser beam is absorbed only by the cells containing excessive pigmentation. It does not affect the surrounding tissues or remove the natural skin color. The light pulses created during this deep pigmentation with laser technique are completely safe, comfortable, and highly effective.

Benefits of Deep Pigmentation Treatment

If you have dark spots or excess pigmentation on certain parts of your skin, then you can avail our highly advanced and effective deep pigmentation treatment. Be assured of the best results as our skin experts know the best for your skin!

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person, case to case