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    Scar Marks Removal

    Undoubtedly every skin is beautiful. But flawless and youthful skin can boost the confidence level to a noticeable extent. Acne, stretch marks, and injury can lead to stubborn scars, making the skin look dull and aged, leaving us wondering how to get rid of them permanently.

    Fortunately, Neofatbury clinic in Hyderabad offers the best treatments to reduce the appearance or obliterate the scar and let everyone live with scarless, rejuvenated skin. The specialists can go to any extent, including thorough discussions and incorporating best practices to bring the best scar removal experience.

    The Scar Removal Options Provided By Neofatbury Are Written Below:

    1. Laser Therapy

    Over the last decade, the most popular treatment to remove scars is Laser therapy or Laser scar revision which shows very effective results. This includes Pulsed-dye lasers, Non-ablative lasers, etc.

    Procedure: In this process, controlled high-energy laser beams penetrate the epidermal layer and gradually remove the old damaged cells. Then it boosts new collagen and elastin into the skin and thus finally results in scar removal.

    2. Dermabrasion

    Dermabrasion is a very effective and fast procedure. It wears down a scar using a motorized wire brush.

    Procedure: The motorized wire brush is gently rubbed over the skin to eliminate the top layer of the affected area using sanding crystals. It results in a softer and smoother appearance of the skin, saying goodbye to the scars through required sessions.

    3. Dermal fillers

    Dermal fillers refine the scars by lifting the depressed, indented scars and making the skin surface more even.

    Procedure: The injectable dermal fillers are made up of hyaluronic acid and other substances. In this treatment, gel-like substances are injected underneath the skin. It breaks up the tissues and boosts collagen production by involving less aggressive procedures. Thereby, it ends up with a scarless, contoured, younger appearance of skin.

    4. Chemical peels

    Chemical peels are another safe option to remove the scars non-invasively. Aesthetic professionals generally carry out this option. Specifically, this process gives better results in mild scarring over the surface level.

    Procedure: An expert will place a chemical solution onto the affected area of the skin. Along with removing the peel, lifting a layer of skin takes place to exhibit a smoother layer of skin. This therapy needs multiple sessions to give the best results depending on the severity.

    5. Cryotherapy

    This is a freezing treatment to the scars using liquid nitrogen at -196℃. This treatment has been under consideration for years.

    Procedure: By freezing the scars, the tissues of scars are destroyed and reduced by 50% or more. For better results, one needs injections like 5-FU or Corticosteroid.

    6. Microneedling

    As the name implies, this treatment utilizes microneedles for pricking the skin to remove the scar.

    Procedure: The pricking of needles into the skin creates microchannels stimulating collagen formation. This results in restructuring the skin and reducing the scars’ appearance in a few sessions.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

    1What type of scars can be removed?

    Scars that have been developed from acne breakouts, surgical scars, and scars from accidents can be removed.

    2 How many sessions are required to remove scars?

    It entirely depends upon the severity. Experts at Neofatbury guide the patients about the number of sessions required by one.

    3Is any side effect of scar removal out there?

    Usual effects like swelling, redness, itching, and mild pain are generally seen to have for a few hours.

    4How painful is scar removal treatment?

    Patients feel minimal pain, like snapping a rubber band against the skin for a few minutes.

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