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    Tattoo Removal

    Tattoos are chosen to be done in several parts of our body to symbolize the artistic nature, religious faiths, spiritual beliefs, expression of love, or to go for permanent makeup. Generally, once tattoos are done, they are considered ever-lasting. But since the start of tattooing, tattoo removal has been possible using several techniques. Many people use makeup to camouflage tattoos they no longer want to show, but it is not a permanent solution. Even in this case, attempting the home remedies can end up with dangerous results. Neofatbury clinic offers several advanced non-invasive tattoo removal options to get rid of tattoos with 100% results in a very safe and effective way.

    Neofatbury clinic offers the following therapies for removing tattoos:

    1. Laser Treatment

    The safest option to choose to remove tattoos is laser treatment. It includes a Q-switched laser, Picosecond laser, and YAG laser, which can remove even dark inks to all extent by using intense laser light on the dermis layer. It often takes more than one session to work out ultimately.

    Procedure:This process involves passing concentrated beams of light intensely over the top dermis layer and breaking down the ink particles into smaller pieces to allow the immune system, particularly the white blood cells, to eliminate the particles from the body and clear the tattoo.

    2. Cryosurgery

    This is the freezing method, where tattoos are removed using cold liquids. It is considered a comparatively easy, less time-consuming, and inexpensive option for removing tattoos.

    Procedure:It freezes the skin by spraying liquid nitrogen at -196° C and gradually peeling off the proper skin layer.

    3. Salabrasion

    The Salabrasion treatment is nothing but using salts properly for 30-40 minutes to remove tattoos effortlessly and inexpensively without using any technical tool.

    Procedure:The appropriate proportion of salt and water are applied over the tattooed skin, and then the process involves scrubbing the area with a tool to remove the tattoo.

    4. Chemical peels

    Removing tattoos with the help of mild chemical agents is known as the chemical peeling of tattoos. This treatment helps in resurfacing the skin by removing the tattoo.

    Procedure:Specifically, a mild acid, Trichloroacetic acid (TCA), and phenol are used in this practice to get rid of unwanted tattoos. After using the chemical, it goes deep down the top layer of the skin and removes the ink from the tattooed area.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

    1Is tattoo removal painful?

    Few can experience bearable pain for a few minutes, but it is less painful than having the tattoo done for hours. The medical experts of Neofatbury offer numbing skin throughout the procedure to make the patients comfortable and relaxed.

    2 Can someone be introduced to any side effects?

    One can experience some general effects like light swelling, slight redness, and little sensation for several minutes to several hours, and it varies from one to another according to the skin’s level of sensitivity

    3Is this process time taking?

    To discuss this query, a few factors like the quality of the ink and tattoo, the color of ink, and the distance of the tattoo from the heart as closer to the heart provide better blood circulation are under consideration. Several sessions required relying upon the factors mentioned above.

    4How long does this procedure take to heal after being done?

    It generally takes six to eight weeks to heal the area thoroughly. Some aftercare can help the healing process, using a cold compress, prescribed ointments, avoiding excessive sweating, etc.

    5Does it leave any scar?

    In Neofatbury clinic, the professionals use the proper protocol to avoid scarring after removing tattoos.

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