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    Anti-Ageing Treatment In Hyderabad.As we grow old, our skin gets older too. Aging causes our skin to lose its moisture and to develop the signs of aging like dullness, scars, wrinkles, freckles, pigmentation, etc. However, aging is a natural process. But we all want to look young forever. Many people follow many home remedies, and sometimes they take oral medication to rejuvenate their skin, but nothing can bring a long-lasting effect. Then what to do? Neofatbury clinic brings a range of non-surgical Anti-Ageing Treatment In Hyderabad that provide just what we need to have that desired wrinkle-free youthful appearance The anti-aging treatments available in Neofatbury are:

    1. Botox or Botulinum Toxin Therapy:

    Botulinum neurotoxin, most commonly known as Botox, is primarily a substance injected into the skin to prevent muscle movement around the treatment area, causing wrinkle-free smoother-looking skin. Procedure: Tiny amounts of Botox are injected into specific muscles using a fine needle. It generally takes three to seven days to show an effective result. The number of injections needed depends on many factors, including your skin condition and treatment area. Benefits: Botox treatment is most effective on wrinkles and prevents the visible signs of facial aging by relaxing the overactive facial muscles. Botox treatment is also medically approved and is safe for your skin.

    2. Laser Anti-aging treatments:

    Laser treatment is another popular option to reduce the fine lines and fade spots. It uses light energy on damaged skin to remove the skin layer by layer. Procedure: : Laser therapy uses light energy that penetrates deep within the skin, which helps to repair and regenerate skin cells. Benefits: Laser treatment increases the energy level of cells and boosts collagen to form new skin cells, causing the skin to look younger. It promotes better blood circulation in the area of treatment and is also long-lasting.

    3. Chemical Peels:

    In this cosmetic treatment, an acidic chemical solution is used to peel off the outermost layer of skin. It removes fine lines, age spots, and wrinkles and makes the skin’s surface look younger and brighter. Procedure: : The doctor applies different chemical solutions to the face during chemical peel treatment. These applications peel off superficial skin, allowing new skin to form. Benefits: Chemical peeling exfoliates the skin and makes the skin look silkier and smoother. It treats pigmentation, sun damage, and freckles that cause skin aging. It also removes wrinkles and fine lines around your eyes and forehead.

    4. Dermabrasion:

    It is a peeling technique that uses a rotating brush to remove the outermost layers of the skin from the small area of the face, and new brighter skin grows within a week to replace it. Procedure: : During this treatment, a physician use anesthesia to numb your skin before removing the outermost layers of the skin. The redness and swelling of the skin reduce within a few days. Benefits: It treats sunburns, fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, etc. It is less expensive compared to laser treatments.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

    1Does anti-aging treatment bring permanent results?
    Anti-aging treatments give you smoother skin which lasts for a longer time. However, new age spots and wrinkles are bound to reoccur with aging. As such, these anti-aging treatments are not permanent. To maintain spot-free skin, you must repeat the treatment after proper consultation with your medical expert.
    2 Is the anti-aging treatment safe?
    Anti-aging treatments are medically approved and highly safe. Medical advances in recent years have significantly reduced the side effects of these cosmetic treatments. Few patients may experience temporary swelling and redness, which disappear after an hour or two.
    3Can I grow wrinkles after an anti-aging treatment?
    Some treatments help to remove wrinkles from your skin permanently, like dermabrasion. But not all procedures give permanent results, but they provide temporary cosmetic changes to your skin to give you a youthful appearance.

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