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    Anti Hairfall

    Having long and healthy hair feels like a blessing. But losing hair is not the exception to a normal growth cycle. The most common reason behind hair fall or baldness in men and women is hereditary. The reduction in the size of the hair follicles can also result in hair loss. Hair fall occurs when the growth stage (anagen stage) becomes shorter, and the telogen phase (resting phase) becomes longer. Hair loss is not seen on the sides and back of the head but is commonly seen in front and on top, where the hormone-sensitive follicles dwell. To deal with such hair loss problems, Neofatbury clinic in Hyderabad offers anti-hair fall treatment.

    To treat hair fall, Neofatbury clinic is offering the following non-invasive treatments:

    Laser hair therapy

    Laser therapy is the best solution ever in the cosmetic sector. This is believed to stimulate the anagen hair production by increasing the blood flow in the scalp and elevating metabolism in catagen or telogen follicles which results in treating the common genetic forms of hair loss in both men and women.

    Procedure: This process involves passing photon particles to activate cytochrome C oxidase, which produces ATP and gradually cyclic AMP in the cells of hair follicles. This then emits energy and stimulates metabolic processes needed for controlling hair fall.

    Intensive hair root treatment

    Nowadays, due to our day-to-day stressful routine, we all face the problem of hair fall. So, anti-hair fall treatment has become imperative to resist hair falling. This treatment is considered an efficient way to treat hair fall in men and women.

    Procedure: In this treatment, vital plant-based and FDA-approved nutrients are directly applied to the root of the hair through comparatively painless micro-injections to check hair loss. This treatment does not take much time; it can show effective results within two to three months of beginning the procedure.

    Hair Nutri-infusion treatment

    This treatment works by involving nutraceuticals and a balanced diet to deliver a nutrient cocktail beneath the skin. This nutrition-led approach utilizing nutritional supplements helps to control hair loss very effectively.

    Procedure: In this treatment, charged ions are utilized to deliver the cocktail of nutrients that protect the fragile hair follicles and nurture them to a greater extent. This cocktail seems to deliver vital nutrients through the skin, go deep down the skin, and prevent breakage and loss of hair. The dermatologists recommend using nutraceuticals and an optimal diet to achieve the best results.

    Hair transplant therapy

    This technique rescues the hair follicles and the scalp, which are permanently damaged. But before one opts for hair transplant therapy, one must choose the most suitable one as it varies from one to another to expect the best results.

    Procedure: A tiny robotic machine is used to transplant follicular units, control scalp aging, and strengthen hair roots to stimulate blood circulation and prevent hair loss.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

    1Is the anti-hair fall treatment permanent?

    No, but it persists for a more extended period.

    2 Does the treatment cause any side effects?

    After getting the treatment, one can feel a generous amount of pain, swelling, and redness, but it goes away within a few hours.

    3Is the anti-hair fall treatment painful?

    The experts in the Neofatbury clinic always offer numbing injections and other special care to make the patients comfortable.

    4How many sessions are needed for the treatment?

    It entirely depends upon the condition of the patients and which kind of treatment they are taking.

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