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    About Us

    Neo Fatbury Clinic is centrally located on JNTU Road , KPHB, Hyderabad. At Neo Fatbury Clinic, you get the cutting edge slimming services with a personalized touch and affordable charges. The clinic has got an excellent expertise. On average, each of our clients, tell other people positive things about their Neo Fatbury Clinic experiences. This was made possible because of our Client Care Model. The model is defined by teamwork, where a group of experts focus their expertise on one client at a time. Neo Fatbury Clinic is a major destination for obese people who have determined to become slimmer. A team of dedicated doctors along with skilled staff is whom you make a meet at our clinic. Coupled with excellent diagnostic tools, advanced technologies, state-of-the-art facilities and incorporation of revolutionary trends in weight loss, your every obesity related need is fully addressed here. Hospitable and hygienic is the environment in which you are treated. While high-quality care and patient safety are our core strengths, our innovations and superior technologies ensure exemplary outcomes. In fact, excellence in delivering results is the substance of Neo Fatbury Clinic. Well experienced and committed doctors in our clinic they will guide you in every session until completion of treatment and we will take care of your results.

    our team

    • Diet suggestions [by special dietician]
    • Activity Management [by physiotherapist]
    • All treatments done under supervision of the doctors.
    • Friendly and well trained therapists.
    • 1000 of satisfied clients since 3 years.

    our clients

    • Models & anchors
    • House wives
    • Students
    • Businessmen
    • Executives
    • Industrialists
    • Professionals
    • Actors (Film & TV)