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    Workout specialists believe recovery is a critical phase of any successful workout series. But it is a tricky process that is tough to acquire at a time. We are very fortunate that there is a new technology that enables a fast and painless recovery. The process is nothing but Cryotherapy, a cold press therapy to the skin and other body parts. Entire-body treatment is the most common form of Cryotherapy that deals with the exposure of the whole body within the temperature range -100°C to -160°C. The entire treatment occurs in a specialized chamber known as Cryo-Chamber. The Neofatbury clinic in Hyderabad offers Cryo-Chamber treatments with proper guidance and care. The experts out there perform the Cryo-treatment using the modern Cryo-chambers to bring the best results to the patients.

    Working principle of Cryo-chamber:

    The Cryo-Chamber is a highly specialized and modern process to show desired results using Cryotherapy. The method utilizes a probe inserted into the targeted tissues just below the affected nerve. The probe’s temperature is then enabled to drop gradually to cool down and freeze the affected nerves. The cooling temperature leads the nerve to come into an inactive state. After dropping the temperature, the patients must stay in the Cryo-chamber for about 3 minutes before stepping out. The penetration of dry cold temperatures leads the brain to get a fast signal that stimulates a fight response against the affected nerves. It results in better treatment of the irritated nerve. Undoubtedly, Cryotherapy using Cryo-Chamber is a comparatively safer and helpful method to treat specialized nerve issues in response to body and skin. The experts in the Neofatbury clinic are always there to cure patients suffering from health issues.

    Advantages of Cryo-Chamber Treatment:

    Highly equipped and advanced Cryo-Chamber treatment can cure irritation in a few isolated nerves. The Cryo-chamber treatment can treat joint pain, benign nerve growths, nerve entrapments, etc. Even the entire-body Cryo-chamber treatment can cure depression and elevate the performance level of the athletes. The muscle soreness in soft tissues can also get relief by using this freezing therapy in a Cryo-chamber. In the Neofatbury clinic, the additional advantages include patented technology to enable the freezing around the body surface instead of applying it to the body directly by keeping the budget and requirements of the patients in mind.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

    1Can any claustrophobic person use a Cryo-Chamber treatment?

    During the session, the head is always put above the chamber and can breathe normally with regular air. Advantageously, the chamber door remains unlocked to enable the patients to step out of feeling any difficulty.

    2 How many sessions are needed for best results?

    It solely depends upon the need of the patients. Starting from 2-3 weeks to 9-12 months it can take.

    3Is there any risk factor?

    No risk factor exists; an item of safe and protective clothing is used during the treatment.

    4Can one go for working out after treatment?

    Yes, obviously. It is even highly recommended to enjoy the benefit for a more extended period.

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