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    Deep Pigmentation

    pigmentation treatment in hyderabad.Deep pigmentation is nothing but dark patches on the skin. Melanin production, acne scars, sun damage, hormone fluctuations, etc., can cause these patches. When melanin production gets elevated in some areas of the skin, it gets deposited there and produces dark patches or deep pigmentation. The areas which generally come in contact with the sun are more likely to get deep pigmentation. Every skin is beautiful, but the dark patches on one’s face can impact appearance as the face starts to look blotchy and uneven. Beautiful, smooth, spotless skin can enhance self-confidence oneself. Some people go for using DIYs, but those only disappoint them. Nowadays, worrying about these patches has ended with the Neofatbury pigmentation treatment in hyderabad, where many non-invasive solutions are waiting for the patients to say goodbye to deep pigmentation.

    The Neofatbury clinic offers the following treatments regarding Deep Pigmentation:

    Chemical Peels
    Chemical peels are effective solutions as they work by eliminating the cells of the epidermis, which carries more pigments. A deeper phenol peel is the better option to reduce deep pigmentation.
    Laser skin resurfacing
    The laser treatment can diminish the hyperpigmentation or dark patches to a better extent as the procedure utilizes targeted beams of light. Two kinds of lasers are there-Ablative and Non-Ablative lasers. Through ablative, the skin layers of the skin get removed. The non-ablative laser works to stimulate collagen production and thus helps in reducing the patches. Laser therapy also reduces the melanin pigment from the skin and is a very safe technique. It involves Intense Pulse Light.
    This process involves a handheld tool attaching a wire brush, which is rubbed over the skin to peel off the epidermal layer and remove the hyper-pigmented skin to exhibit spotless skin.
    Broad-Band Light Photo-facial
    This therapy utilizes concentrated high-intensity light to break down and remove the areas of pigmentation in specific areas.
    Gold Infusion
    This therapy is known to use microneedles made up of 24-karat gold. A mixture of vitamins and super hydrating antioxidants are injected into the skin to allow the skin to produce more collagen and reduce hyperpigmentation issues.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

    1Are the treatments painful?
    The skin specialists at Neofatbury clinic use smooth devices to make the patients more comfortable through the therapy. It may cause a mild sensation, but it does not last long.
    2 When can the treatments show results?
    The results are expected in a few days to a few weeks. But in maximum cases, it depends on the patient’s condition and the treatment being applied.
    3Do the treatments have any side effects?
    The treatments are all way safe. After getting the treatment, one can experience a bit of dullness, rashes, tenderness, and redness, like mild issues, for a few days, and then the issues automatically dissolve.
    4Are the results of the hyper-pigmentation treatment permanent?
    Cosmetic treatments cannot provide permanent results, but if one continues the therapy over time, then the results can sustain more and let them enjoy the beautiful skin.

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