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    Non Surgical Liposuction Treatment

    A slim and trim contoured appearance is the desire of all of us. Liposuction deals with the elimination of unwanted fat from the face, neck, abdomen, etc. Achieving a fat-free body is possible through diet and exercise and can also leave one frustrated and tired. Our technology has brought non-surgical ways to eliminate excess fat stacked between the skin and the muscles by breaking a portion of the fat cells and pulling them out through several therapies. Fortunately, the specialists in Neofatbury clinic Advanced Non Surgical Liposuction Clinic in Hyderabad are offering such treatments.

    The Neofatbury clinic offers the following non-surgical therapies for Liposuction treatment:

    The therapy utilizes injections containing minute doses of medications that consist of amino acids to burn out the fats in the body. After getting the injections, the body absorbs the liquid form of fats and flushes out the waste out of the body.
    It is almost similar to Mesotherapy as both are relied on to dissolve unwanted fat from one’s body. In this treatment, a cocktail of some medications and enzymes is injected into the targeted area. Then the liquid fats leave the body through urination. This technique is beneficial in the face, neck, and chin.
    Thermage is also an effective option to choose for Advanced Non Surgical Liposuction Clinic in Hyderabad. The heated laser works here to melt the unwanted fats from the desired parts of the body. After eliminating the fats, it also tightens the skin of the treated area. It is primarily effective in the elimination of fats from the face and other parts of the body.
    Liposonix Ultrasound
    As the name carries the form of treatment, here, ultrasound is the key ingredient to burn the fat from the body. It is a safe and helpful method and can eliminate fats from the waist, and the love handles.
    Cryotherapy/ Cryolipolysis
    Cryotherapy is nothing but the implementation of cold temperature to the skin. It utilizes a process termed cold-induced thermogenesis, which has the potential to reduce the fat around the waist and other parts of the body.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

    1Does the liposuction treatment hold any side effects?
    A little bit of numbness, irritation, or itchiness may arise after undergoing liposuction therapy. But the effects do not stay for more extended periods; within a few days, they get healed.
    2 Can we consider liposuction as an alternative to diet and exercise?
    No, nothing can be a substitute for diet and exercise. One should maintain a daily diet and exercise routine.
    3Can the liposuction show permanent results?
    No, the treatments are not able to show permanent results. One can maintain the results by following a strict diet regimen and exercise routine to avoid the chance of accumulation of fat at any part.
    4How many days are needed for the healing process?
    It depends upon the patient’s condition. Generally, it takes almost 3-4 weeks to get a complete cure. Even the redness or bruising caused due to the treatment will also fade away within this span.

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