Stem Cell Hair Treatment

Neo Fatbury offers a comprehensive range of hair loss treatments for acute hair loss in both men and women. Our facility is to ensure full-time hair restoration through effective stem cell therapy from the cells that are derived from the fat cells of our patients. From the SVF (Stromal Vascular Fraction) extraction process, the stem cells are enriched with mesenchymal stem cells along with certain growth factors. Our highly qualified and experienced medical & hair experts offer the expert stem cell hair treatment by making use of the most sophisticated and advanced FDA-approved stem cell device for obtaining the adult stem cells from the fat cells of the patients.

We specialize in offering effective hair loss treatments. Our highly skilled team offers the non-surgical and natural processes of hair treatment for men and women. Reach out to us today in case of acute hair loss problems and get instant & safer treatments from our experts!

How does Stem Cell Hair Treatment Work?

The use of stem cell therapy has gained impetus in the recent times owing to its high effectiveness. In contrast to the embryonic cells, the initial stigma of using the stem cell therapy has been eliminated by making use of bone marrow, umbilical cord cells, fat cells, and even skin cells for extracting stem cells for the treatment.

Stem cell therapy is our groundbreaking hair loss treatment to ensure the regeneration of lost hair for both men and women. The stem cell therapy encourages the re-growth of hair follicles within 3-4 months of the effective treatment.Unlike various other hair treatments,we assure the stem cell therapy to be completely safe and highly productive in obtaining the desired results.

Our specialized stem cell hair therapy is a non-surgical remedy for inspiring and re-growing hair to result into healthy hair volume. The best feature of this treatment is that the stem cells are capable of regenerating themselves through multiple cell division. Thus, this stimulates the process of effective hair growth even in balding regions.

We, at Neo Fatbury, are offering this path-breaking and revolutionary innovation of hair re-growth through guided stem cell injections. This is carried out by our medical and hair experts to ensure the effectiveness & safety of the treatment. This is a completely natural process wherein we make use of your own body cells to ensure the regeneration of lost hair. Thus, there is no risk of any sort of allergies or sensitiveness to the harmful chemicals.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Re-Growth

When you avail the professional stem cell hair re-growth treatment from our highly skilled experts, you can expect the following benefits:

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