Anti-Dandruff Treatment

Dandruff is a serious scalp problem that is caused by the flaking of the scalp’s skin. As a result, you can see white flakes all over the scalp as well as on the hair shafts. While the majority ofthe population living with this hair issue, very few of us actually take it seriously. Dandruff, when left untreated, could lead to constant hair loss, thinning of hair, and eventually partial to complete baldnessof the scalp. Moreover, it is also highly embarrassing to go out with dandruff flakes all over your head. To save you from the future hair concerns and the embarrassment associated with it, our highly skilled and experienced hair experts have come up with innovative anti-dandruff treatments which are highly effective.

How does Anti-Dandruff Treatment Work?

At Neo Fatbury, we understand the concern individuals have towards their hair care and its health. Therefore, our experts make constant efforts towards improving the results by making use of the most sophisticatedand advanced anti-dandruff hair treatments. We make use of the most innovative range of hair treatment devices and equipment and offer our state of the art hair care services to resolve your hair concerns. Our clinic has an effective team of highly skilled and experienced hair experts who analyze and understand the different kinds of dandruff conditions of the patients. Through this analysis, they are able to offer customized anti-dandruff treatments to the patients as per their specific needs and preferences.

Dandruff is a controllable hair & scalp disorder and not any disease which needs some cure. Here is the detailed overview of the anti-dandruff treatment carried out by our professional experts:

  • Regular capilloscopy examination is done to ensure the health of the scalp and severity of dandruff.
  • As per the assessment, the treatment for dandruff is carried out. The anti-dandruff treatment carried out by our hair experts is completely safe and have been clinically proven to be highly effective. The anti-dandruff treatment is carried out by making use of some the best-in-standards anti purity serums. These serums are based on the protein additives and contain no additional chemicals. Thus, these help in eliminating dandruff from your scalp in a natural manner.
  • Our experts also make use of special hair & scalp lotions that comes as a blend of activated elements for effectively controlling dandruff and reducing the potential itching & dryness of the scalp.

Benefits of Anti-Dandruff Treatment

Neo Fatbury brings to you an effective range of services that would gently cleanse and nourish the scalp to eradicate dandruff and its re-occurrence. Here are some of the benefits offered by our specialized range of anti-dandruff treatment:

If you are tired of the stubborn dandruff not leaving your scalp, then contact our hair experts today to avail the benefits of highly advanced anti-dandruff treatment!

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person, case to case