Hair-Transplantation (Surgical)

Like youth and life, most of us take to hair our hair for granted. We do not care about them much until they are gone or start reflecting signs of thinning or balding. With the current hectic life schedule and polluted living, it is imperative to take special care of your precious locks. The hair experts advise to start taking care of one’s hair from the earliest to avoid any issues in the long run. However, there are several individuals who have already started showing signs of partial to complete balding and vigorous hair loss.

If you are suffering from incessant hair loss, then worry no more and reach out to us today. We have satisfied several clients through our exceptional and highly advanced hair treatments among which hair transplantation is the most renowned service offered by our hair experts. We make use of the advanced surgical techniques and follicle harvesting methods which are highly safe and effective. With our highly trained and experienced experts, we are able to give our patients the desired results in the form of hair re-growth and anti-hairfall treatments.

How does Hair Transplantation Work?

Advanced techniques of surgical hair transplantation done by our hair experts can replace the lost hair and reshape the lost hairline. The advanced form of hair transplantation treatment is done by making use of the patient’s own hair which re-grows hair naturally and permanently. Hair transplantation surgery is based on the principle of “donor dominance”. The hair at the back and sides of the scalp continue to grow till one’s lifetime. These hair strands are resistant to hair fall concerns. Thus, when the hair is transplanted to the balding area of the scalp, it continues to grow naturally.

Some of the most advanced and innovative hair transplantation methods used by our qualified groups of hair experts include:

  • FUT Treatment:

    Follicular Unit Transplant is an advanced form of hair transplantation treatment to ensure the aesthetics with proper placement of the hair grafts. FatBury is highly recognized for its specialized FUT treatments. The hair growth tends to be highly effective when the follicular unit is kept intact during transplantation surgery.
  • FUE Treatment:

    Follicular Unit Extraction is a minimal invasive technique used for harvesting and transplanting lost hair strands. The treatment involves the removal of independent follicular units straight from the donor site of the patient which are after this, replanted into the patient’s scalp. We offer the best and the most effective FUE treatments to ensure the re-growth of your hair in an effective manner.

Benefits of Hair Transplantation Services

When you take the advanced range of hair transplantation services from our skilled and experienced experts, you can achieve the following benefits:

If you also wish to flaunt your lustrous mane, then avail our advanced hair transplantation services.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person, case to case