Mesotherapy Treatment for Hair Loss

Suffering from excessive hair loss or balding? Neo Fatbury comes to your rescue with our comprehensive range of highly advanced and professional hair loss treatments for regenerating your hair growth in a safer manner. Mesotherapy is a one-stop alternative treatment for curing the baldness and hair loss problems of both men & women.This effective treatment regulates the growth elements along with necessary vitamins & proteins into the scalp of the Alopecia patients (those suffering from hair loss or baldness).

The process of mesotherapy is carried out by our specialized experts who have gained ample expertise in the desired field. It is a completely non-invasive procedure that is based on the superficial micro-injections, just below the epidermis, into the target hair tissues. Mesotherapy is an effective hair loss treatment that stimulates the mesoderm. The micro-injection contains a solution offering the benefits of multiple essential minerals, vitamins, co-enzymes, nucleic acids, and amino acids. The content of the injection is usually tailored as per the needs of the particular patients.

How does Mesotherapy Hair Loss Treatment Work?

The mesotherapy treatment for regenerating growth of hair involves the process of injecting a nutrient-rich solution into the mesodermal layer of the scalp. This is the layer present below the outer epidermis and serves the function of linking the tissues along with the fat layer of the skin. The injection of the special fluid is carried out by our highly skilled and professional dermal experts who make use of a specialized mesotherapy gun. This gun consists of a sterile needle use for injecting the solution into the scalp.

The overall treatment of the mesotherapy might take around 8 sessions which could be one week apart. You can start observing the positive results after each successive session. The basis of the mesotherapy treatment and its solution usually depends on the reason of hair fall of the particular patients. As the highly effective solution contains the essential nutrients in the form of minerals and vitamins,our specialized treatment of mesotherapy is highly safe and natural. You can be assured of the safety from any allergies or potential side effects.

Benefits of Mesotherapy Hair Fall Treatment

Hair loss can be highly detrimental to one’s personality and might lead to a myriad of mental as well as emotional concerns. If you wish to put an end to your hair fall woes, then you can take expert help from our qualified and experienced hair professionals. Here are some benefits of the mesotherapy hair treatment:

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With the specialized mesotherapy hair loss treatment from our experts, welcome the new you!

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person, case to case