Non Surgical Liposuction Treatment

Are you in the lookout for the best weight loss treatment which is beneficial in the long run? Are you vexed up with the regular style of weight loss programs which are not specific to your requirements? We at NeoFatbury offers a wide range of weight loss treatments which are effective, fast and also pocket friendly. Our range of services include non-surgical weight loss procedures – also being quite fast in recovery.

NeoFatbury also offers state of the art non surgical liposuction treatment which targets on slimming, toning and also incredible weight loss. Non surgical methods are quite effective than the conventional methods like cool mini, figure correction which have the risk of side effects and withdrawals.

What is Non-Surgical Liposuction?

In non-surgical liposuction one doesn’t have to undergo the blade. There are different techniques other than surgery that are used to remove the excessive fat in your body. There are different techniques and devices’ using which non-surgical liposuction is performed. Some of them include radio frequency, laser energy, cryolipolysis, massage therapies etc. If there are devices’ involved then they are used directly over the skin according to the method that the patient has opted for. Process of non-surgical liposuction will also vary according to the method that is being used for fat removal. Each process has its own theory of removing fat from the body, the result however may vary from patient to patient and from process to process.

We are proficient at:

Fat Bulge Reduction: Fat bulge is a common problem in men and women alike these days which hamper the good appearance. Our fat bulge reduction specifically targets on the area and also ensures that there are no long lasting side effects later.

Inch Loss Treatment:

When minute areas of fat are to be targeted, inch loss treatment is the best way. It needs of special care and precision to conduct inch loss treatment and our trained personnel exactly do that.


This technologically advanced treatment is the right way to attack all that extra fat which has been troubling you for quite some time now. Enjoy the benefits of amazing technology while we take care of the rest!

Benefits of the Non Surgical Liposuction Treatment

Avail Effective advanced fat loss program

There is no bigger strength in this world than our own body! ensure perfect body figure and optimum health through our advanced fat loss program.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person, case to case